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Advanced Digital Signage (ADS)
It’s all about Captivating Customers

ADS Software manages single or multiple Digital Displays located anywhere on the network, allowing Banks, Telco’s, Government, Retail and all other businesses to create and deliver targeted messages that inform and educate audiences while on the premises, making them more inclined to buy!

Content is managed remotely in real time on a screen by screen and location basis; as well as time slot basis for the most efficient, effective, targeted advertising possible ensuring a robust and optimum ROI. Content may be delivered on small 15” screens as well as very large format displays in any combination.

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Advanced Digital Signage is the central manager for your Digital Signage network. It gets installed on your desktop and you manage and configure all of your remote digital signage displays. Quality time will be spent in building, previewing, uploading, and maintaining your complete Digital Signage presentation. Because Advanced Digital Signage is such a vital part of the foundation for your signage presentation, we designed an easy-to-use interface that utilizes the latest and the best technology & tools in the industry.

Advanced Digital Signage, provides a complete digital signage solution with easy and efficient management, appealing multimedia presentation, flexible and creative design, and low total ownership cost. This solution, including dedicated media players and servers, can be deployed either as a “standalone solution” or under “server-client structure”.

Advertising using Advanced digital signage is a form of out-of-home advertising in which video content, advertisements and messages are displayed on digital signs with a common goal of delivering targeted messages to specific locations at specific times.

Advanced Digital Signage, a futuristic media with the potential of delivering value, is way beyond the traditional media options like billboards, print or any static display unit. It comprises of an electronic screen (LCD, Plasma, etc.) integrated with a multimedia player at the back, displaying dynamic content. The content on the screen can be changed without physically changing the signage screen. Today digital signage has become an innovative way of delivering information to the target audience.

From retail chains, institutions, banks, hotel lobbies or corporate offices, it offers a more engaging and unique way of communication. The content can go beyond advertising and educate, inform or entertain the captive audience or the passersby effectively.
Advanced Reception Management Content distribution via our central administration tools

Advanced Reception Management Managers can be given separate role-based access to manage their own campaigns

Advanced Reception Management Target vast audience via individual or multiple terminals by creating separate schedules for each
   display for advertisement and content

Advanced Reception Management Update the audience on Emergency notifications, live news, and traffic reports through media RSS

Advanced Reception Management Central manager allows managing Individual or multiple monitor and design screen layouts

Advanced Reception Management Maintain control of advertiser content through block/permission capabilities

Advanced Reception Management Full HD support

Advanced Reception Management Multilingual Support

Advanced Reception Management Direct Line of communication to customer

Advanced Reception Management Promote Cross Sell and Up Sell

Advanced Reception Management Advertising Revenue

Advanced Reception Management Reliable and continuous content operation through integrated all-in-one hardware/software

Advanced Reception Management Modular infrastructure allows addition of as many displays as needed without complicated set ups

Advanced Reception Management Simple installation and easy to use

Advanced Reception Management User friendly and simple content scheduling and updating for each display

Advanced Reception Management Supports Deliver Flash, RSS feed image slide shows

Advanced Reception Management Automatic content playback on a predetermined schedule

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